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DataDirect Networks

Welcome to the DataDirect Networks PartnerLink portal.

Bottom line results. Accelerated. It's our motto for what DDN delivers to our customers. DDN and our partners have been mastering Big Data challenges before the term 'Big Data' was even invented. For over 15 years, we've developed the domain expertise to support the requirements of the world's largest file storage systems and demanding applications. That presents a highly unfair advantage in today's new data explosion and delivers significant opportunity and success for DDN and our partners.

Building on years of experience, our PartnerLink program provides a solid foundation for our partners. Our highly knowledgeable, global partner sales team provides support with business planning and development by leveraging a powerful set of sales enablement tools offered through the program. From start to finish, the PartnerLink program is designed for a simple and straightforward experience that ensures success for both DDN and our partners.

PartnerLink is a two-tier program designed to reward partners for their investment in DDN. With a strong focus on sales enablement and profitability, PartnerLink provides access to:

  • Sales & Technical Training via DDN Education
  • Lead Generation Funding
  • Authorized Support Provider Program
  • Partner Web Portal
  • Sales Opportunity Registration